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Reverse Theory is the life work of a man who has dedicated many years to get his remarkable theories established and into print. Since the book‚s launch in 2010, Christopher Way Ball, having become a recognised and respected author, still answers personal letters and emails from readers and remains fully involved with his book. His passion for both his book and his theories is an inspiration for his family, friends and the people who work closely with him on the publication, marketing and distribution of his work.

Now that his mission has been fulfilled and the RT principle has been born, Reverse Theory is anticipated to turn the science and religious worlds upside down. Chris says “I’m extremely pleased with the book and elated with the amazing congratulatory letters and emails I now receive. I have to admit my Reverse Theory journey has been a battle, its given me numerous headaches and many sleepless nights... but its been worth it.

Christopher has always been adamant: “Under no circumstances could I have left my findings unpublished. To have lost this incredible knowledge would have been a monumental tragedy.

Having lived all his life in his favourite UK city, Christopher is a true Brightonian and is as proud of his Brighton roots as he is of his family.

Brighton, as the ancient settlement of Brighthelmstone, dates from before the Domesday Book (1086). On arrival of the railway in 1841 Brighton became a popular destination for day trippers and a health resort for sea bathers from London. Now as the modern day Brighton & Hove it is one of the UKs newest and most cosmopolitan cities and a true home for renowned artists, actors and authors. Regarded as one of the worlds most remarkable actors, Sir Laurence Olivier once noted “There is a phrase: 'the sweet smell of success'. And I can only tell you, I've had two experiences of that... and it just smells like Brighton and oyster bars and things like that”.


Author: Christopher Way Ball
Master builder
Discovering the foundations of The Reverse Theory.
a true Brightonian


Mysteries of the world
How the Pyramids were built
Evolution from a Scientific Perspective
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