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About Reverse Theory

New light is thrown on the origins of mankind

Reverse Theory will revolutionise the way we view the world and transform the way we consider our existence. It will shake up and challenge many of our preconceived ideas and, above all, it will bring about profound change.

This amazing new book questions some of today's most trusted and revered theories: theories which have been in existence for hundreds, even thousands of years; and, unlike many books that only question, this unique work provides possible answers to some of the world's greatest mysteries.

This is the life work of its author: a man who has dared to challenge science and has been taken on an incredible, life-changing journey. The result of this journey...Reverse Theory.

By reading this book, you will open the door to a new way of thinking. With every new page you'll be led into a world of unimaginable answers: answers which have the power to change your life.

Using a simple beach pebble we learn how the mighty pyramids were built, the astounding true meaning of hell is revealed and we discover eye-opening truths about the rightful age of this planet. Plus, get ready for a new theory of evolution; move over Mr Darwin, you've got competition!

This is one book you cannot afford to miss.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Mysteries of the world
How the Pyramids were built
Evolution from a Scientific Perspective
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