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A Geology & Evolution Rewrite

Changing Man's Perception of Time

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The erosion process 'Solid Rock to Sand' multiplied by all the sand in the world gave a Carte Blanche billion year base to build geological time upon, Ref – Scottish Enlightenment.

My book questions this carte blanche baseline and likewise the assumptions placed upon it, including radioactive dating.

Hundred's of square miles of missing landscapes, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, to mention just two, has obviously gone somewhere, the steep sides of these Buttes Canyons and Gorges, tell us the forming limestone was soft and mud-like when the water flowed through it, and it would be prudent to assume the missing landscapes were washed around the world to form our deserts and sandy shorelines.

Consequently all seashores with low gradients, like tropical shores, started out sandy. Which begs the question 'If all seashores were once sandy where did our pebbled shorelines come from? … … Pebbled shorelines are formed by the principle of tidemark, easily seen when I lay the facts before you.

Read my book and discover how the humble beach pebble rewrites the carte blanche baseline, alters our perception of time, explains how the pyramids were built, and how natural selection has been somewhat misconceived.



1) This is the most credible theory on pyramid building I have ever heard … and seems so obvious
2) Christopher, this is an amazing book. It clarifies so much, answers so much. Makes more sense than any book I have read on the subject of our planet and its 'mysteries'. It makes perfect sense in so many ways.
3) Your theory on pyramids sounds much more plausible than the accepted theories and your theory on pebbles is revolutionary. I will always question the ‘norm’ in future
4) Amazing and impressive
5) I gave no problem with accepting your ideas re beach pebbles and the construction of the pyramids as at least plausible
6) I finished reading it today and am very impressed.
7) It is very obvious - to me anyway - that the information has been channelled
8) Thank you for this great book. I am passing it on to a friend
9) I have just finished reading your book, which I found very interesting
10) Many thanks for putting your ideas down. What you have written has made me think a lot and reminded me always to be open to new ideas.
11) I love the thought provoking content of your book.
12) I have an enquiring mind and so like to discover things, work things out
13) Your book is just right for out of the box thinkers!
14) It really is a must have book
15) I have been thinking further due to reading your book.
16) Some more thought provoking reading please
17) I love a new take on things.
18) It holds many thought provoking arguments and has made me question many of my own views
19) Personally I think Reverse Theory is fantastic and I believe what he says is absolutely right
20) It got me thinking....ouch!