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Changing Man's Perception of Time

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According to the humble beach pebble everything we know about the history of mankind needs to be rewritten.

When chunks of rock fall from a cliff they break into sharp jagged pieces and as they roll towards the sea they lose their rough edges and over millions of years turn to sand. However, in reality we have the opposite, big pebbles are smooth and rounded whereas small pebbles are sharp and grit shape. Physics in reverse no less.

At the water's edge pebbles are sharp and jagged and at the base of the cliff pebbles are smooth and symmetrically rounded. A process that starts with no matching source rock that produce smooth rounded pebbles at the offset that consistently become more misshaped as they roll towards the sea is completely alien to physic.

The search for our flaw in physics is complete.

Pebbles are made of circular layers, clearly seen (photo) they have a circular interior like flint, therefore a pebbled shoreline is not part of the erosion process but a giant tidemark.
Tidal input and output are obviously subject to weather conditions but tidal input, the tidemark, and the mechanics thereof, far outweighs any output.

Sand and pebble are different materials, pebble is a flint, chert, and can be knapped like flint, whereas sand is calcium carbonate or silica. Which begs the question 'if a sandy beach is not the product of solid rock erosion where did all the world's sand come from? And where is the missing landscape from places like the Grand Canyon and the Great Buttes of Arizona, where has all this limestone, this missing calcium carbonate gone. (photo)

It seems therefore, all seashores started out sandy (photo tropical shore) therefore 'Sand' created over the past half billion years' is nonsense, which suggests, geology, deep-time, sediment strata rates and the fossil records, and everything built on that billion-year timeline is woeful at best. And likewise, with all mathematical assumptions that support radioactive dating.

With a greater understanding of "Beach Pebble Physics" means we now know how the pyramids were built (and so obvious) and knowing how the pyramids were built opens an interesting door to the history of mankind … happy days ... (click here for more info)
Impossible I hear you cry/scream/shout, no way could science, the greatest institution on this planet get evolution so back to front. I can only say 'check out the humble beach pebble' because a pebbled beach becoming a sandy beach tells one story whereas a sandy beach becoming a pebbled beach tells the other.

A pebble, unlike a stone, starts its journey when 2 or 3 sand grains bond together, causing divots, these divots, this uneven surface, slowly fill by the grubby remains of every following tidemark. Many dirty tidemarks later the sand grains take the shape of grit. The incoming tides have the strength to slowly push this grit up the beach where they receive more drying time, and many dirty tidemarks later the grit takes the shape of a small pebble, like an oyster and its pearl.

Like the sand grains, grit and small pebbles then bond together and take the shape of shingle, hence their odd shape, easily seen, (photo) and great fun looking for. Sometimes you can find many different coloured pebbles moulded into one. This slow process of stain over stain (photo) continues to build up until perfect rounded pebbles are formed.


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