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Life after death ...

To know where you’re going is to know where you’ve been

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Our great Victorian scholars collectively agreed to form all the sand in the world would take a thousand million years (an aeon) and confirmed “This Planet Must Be Old”

Dictionary – Sand – Created over the past half billion years.

From this point onwards everything known to the history of Mankind was constructed, deeptime was born. Sedimentation, dinosaurs, fossil record, evolution, radioactive dating and plate tectonics, are all based on an old planet perspective.

However’ an aeon to form the entire world’s sand is totally wrong because a pebbled beach is a massive tidemark.
Pebbles get bigger not smaller; every dirty tide leaves a mark, a dirty stain over the previous hardened and scuffed stain. Broken layers clearly seen if one wishes to see. A sea-basin is just like a dirty wash-basin and the observable facts and mechanics thereof are fully explained in this powerful and detailed book.

Consequently the foundation for an old planet and therefore the maths supporting radiometric dating are wrong. Sand happened overnight, so to speak, sand is the missing landscape from places like the Grand Canyon and the Great Butts of Arizona, removed when the forming limestone was soft and mud-like thus all shores started out sandy.
The steep sides of these canyons and gorges tell us how the pyramids were built and knowing how the pyramids were built tells yet another story, a story quite opposed to that of evolution. It seems circumstances prevailed that took mankind on a course down to animal rather than the other way around.

Pebbles getting smaller tell one story, that of evolution, pebbles getting bigger tell another, I tell that story.

But which one is right? only closer inspection of the humble beach pebble can decide..

ISBN - 978-0-9564761-0-4


1) This is the most credible theory on pyramid building I have ever heard … and seems so obvious
2) Christopher, this is an amazing book. It clarifies so much, answers so much. Makes more sense than any book I have read on the subject of our planet and its 'mysteries'. It makes perfect sense in so many ways.
3) Your theory on pyramids sounds much more plausible than the accepted theories and your theory on pebbles is revolutionary. I will always question the ‘norm’ in future
4) Amazing and impressive
5) I gave no problem with accepting your ideas re beach pebbles and the construction of the pyramids as at least plausible
6) I finished reading it today and am very impressed.
7) It is very obvious - to me anyway - that the information has been channelled
8) Thank you for this great book. I am passing it on to a friend
9) I have just finished reading your book, which I found very interesting
10) Many thanks for putting your ideas down. What you have written has made me think a lot and reminded me always to be open to new ideas.
11) I love the thought provoking content of your book.
12) I have an enquiring mind and so like to discover things, work things out
13) Your book is just right for out of the box thinkers!
14) It really is a must have book
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